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The Joani, The, headed up by Joani Gammill, offers full service and assistance in the areas of drug addiction and alcohol addiction interventions. Perhaps best known for some of her appearances on the Dr. Phil Show, Ms.Gammill has taken her story and now helps others and their families throughout the United States. Whether it is a consultation, intervention, speaking engagement or other drug and alcohol addiction assistance, you will not find a better team to be there for you!

Wow . I know you both are exhausted . Thank you Joani .... I felt so secure you were with my brother all the way . Get some well deserved rest . You , again , helped to save someone I love so dearly . Your work heals families ... you are beautiful . Tell Jeff I love him.


We were very, very pleased with the time, care and love that we received in a very difficult time.
- Anonymous

Just sending my annual thank you out to you joani! Three years ago today you walked into my dark basement and changed my life, thank you for bringing the light! All my love!

- EB

Joan Gammill was our interventionist 8 years ago. We thank God and her and so many that helped our family. 

-Paula N
You are my hero, Joani! As an interventionist, an addict, a survivor and someone who is the epitome of being able to make a difference, you leave your mark on so many lives that you've literally been a part of saving and have created something good and true out of something so hard.

Thank you so much for being our keynote speaker this year. You did a wonderful job!
-Barbara M

Office of Drug Control Policy - Harford County, Maryland

Good Morning Joani,

Just wanted to thank you again for all you have done for our family. I don't think of anything we would have done on our own would have been as successful.

Thank you and love



I can not thank you enough. Although I never lost hope, it was becoming increasingly difficult to believe that Tom would ever be able to live a happy and productive life. I am now looking forward to a future and so happy for my son you are a special person and I am forever grateful. 

God Bless You,

-A Grateful Mom

You came into the darkness with our daughter with love, faith, and hope ready to guide her towards the light. You have a gift indeed. 

-Dana J

You major skill is your authenticity Joani... you are real and even in their darkness, people see that. 

-Sunny P

Can't Thank you enough!
Hi Joani, I just finished reading your book, The
Interventionist. Coincidentally, today is also my fathers 8 years of sobriety. He gave me your book shortly after leaving Hazelden. I was given the opportunity to pick any book to read for one of  my classes, and I found yours in my room. I can assure you that this was the first book that I have actually wanted to read, and have actually finished. Your stories are so deeply profound. I kept a journal as I read the book, as it was part of the school project. Thanks to your stories, I now know what I really want to do with my life. I want to help addicts, too. I'm a freshman in college so it may seem like I don't know much about addiction, but I have been surrounded by it my whole life, and have struggled with my own. Your book had such a profound impact on me that I could not resist reaching out. I hope you know how much light you shed upon the world with your truth. Addiction is a problem few want to talk about, but we all need to learn. Thank you so very much for your bravery, and keep doing what you're doing. I hope to get another book from you!