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Helpful Sites & Information

Below are some helpful sites & information on addiction, aftercare treatment, getting support & more.

Media Links

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Nurses & Addiction

To learn more about whether or not your physician, nurse, or other medical practitioner is hooked on drugs, watch Joani on Dr. Drew.
This episode aired on Wednesday, July 5, 2012. For the transcript of the show, go here.

Get Support

• View the Alcoholics Anonymous ™ Site
• View the Codependents Anonymous ™ Site
• Find a Rehab, SAMHSA
• View US Drug Rehab Centers
• View the Narcotics Anonymous ™ Site
• View the Adult Children of Alcoholics ™ Site
• View the Chemical Dependent Anonymous ™ Site
• Take a Look at the Al-Anon/Ala-Teen ™ Site